Fancy goods

The search for new challenges in wooden and plexiglass handicraft techniques has led us to create our fancy goods line. Forging, sculpting, chamfering, to perfectly “adapt” the material to the object itself, all with maximum precision and attention to detail.

Since the first years of activity, we have manufactured and wooden sticks, walking and decorative sticks, with different handles inspired by some animals (goose, elephant, eagle, owl, horse, boxer, Great Dane ...) or various subjects (jockey, man with straw hat, mushroom, etc.).

We produce unique flowers (with leaves) made of natural wood, lacquered, available with a shiny or matt finishing (anthurium, calla, daisy, tulip, rose), in which the minutia of the details contributes to their extremely realistic effect.

The craving to experience has led to the production of many items, also intended for retail, of which only a small part is presented in our photo gallery.


Fancy goods Gallery

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